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Dominate My Sport - Affiliations

We are proud to partner with some amazing organizations! As we seek to train the mind, the body, and the spirit, we partner with other organizations who show a commitment to the athlete’s total health. In some cases, this is a similar spiritual alignment, and in others, it is an organization that seeks to help benefit the athlete with a similar approach as ours.

Athletes In Action (A Cru Ministry)

Xenia, OH

The mission of Athlete’s in Action is to build spiritual movements everywhere through the platform of sports so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus.

From Coach JP:

We partner with AIA because they are an organization that focuses on training total health. Specifically, they are focused on spiritual health. We both work with college athletes who are trying to seek total health (train the body, train the mind, train the spirit).

REPS Sports Performance Training (spt)

Missouri City, Texas

Research Enhanced Performance Services (REPS) is focused on sports performance training, physical therapy, and physical recovery services.  

From Coach JP:

We love the focus that REPS has on recovery.  We work with so many athletes who are doing physical therapy, recovering from a major injury, or working on injury prevention.  We love partnering with REPS to help support our individual athletes.  We usually end up working with entire teams and high schools together.  They’re a great partner.

Stop Sports Injuries

Rosemont, Illinois

STOP Sports Injuries wants to be sure that you have all the information you need to keep kids in the game for life.

From Coach JP:

Simply put we work with a number of young athletes whose injuries could have been prevented with education and training.  Too often we meet these athletes for the first time during their physical recovery or physical therapy. We love working with organizations that seek to educate student athletes on the importance of strength and fitness as an injury prevention tool!


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