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Dominate My Sport: Sports Performance Training In Light Of Eternity

Coach JP shares why the most important relationship in his life is the one he has with Jesus Christ. 

Dominate My Sport – Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ


Coach JP shares a powerful message of the love of Jesus Christ. Are you ready to change your eternity? Maybe the improvement you’re looking for is less about the image of your body or your performance on the field, and more about seeking answers to your unanswered questions.

The message of the gospel has major implications about your identity and the decisions that you make here on earth.

God didn’t create robots. 

He created us with the ability to love.

His love is evident in Jesus.

God’s gift to you is free. All you have to do is choose.


Christian Trainer | Faith Based Sports Training Tips From Coach JP

My friends I can’t stress enough just how important God is in my life. And if you just watched this video and have some more questions about God, about who Jesus is, and about who Jesus is to me, then I’d love to talk more.

Dominate My Sport is a Christ-focused, Christ-centered business. I meet people all the time who believe that they are after a performance improvement and what they find is that are actually in need of a spiritual tuneup. I’d love to encourage you in your faith, and share some of my own personal testimonial on why I believe our true identity has roots in who God says we are.

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