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Training and Leadership Development


Training & Leadership Development:

  • Program development and implementation

  • Character Development

  • Lecture and Practical Workshops

Injury Prevention/Rehabilitation/Recovery approaches:

  • MyoFascial Release Coaching and Mobility Training

  • Energy Kinesiology and Muscle Energy Techniques  

  • Facilitated Active Isolated Stretch Techniques, Neuromuscular Stretching Technique, Fascial     stretching Techniques

  • Hyper-Volt Treatment


  • Speed, Quickness and Agility: Acceleration/Deceleration, First step speed Training, Power Training, Multi directional Speed, Vertical Explosiveness

  • Sport Specific and Position Specific Training

  • Individualize In,off and preseason training

  • General Strength and Conditioning

  • Corrective Exercise & Functional Training

  • Energy System Training

  • Core, balance and Dynamic Stability Training

  • Mobility and Flexibility Training

Assessments and Evaluations:

  • Performance Testing and Body Composition, Blood Pressure,  BMI and Body Fat%

  • Musculoskeletal/Biomechanical Video Evaluation

  • Limb Measurements

  • Joint Range of Motion Measurements

  • Posture Gait and video Movement Analysis

  • Nutrition Strategy Evaluation