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Dominate My Sport: Sports Performance Training Program Details

Three phases to Dominate Your Sport: train the body, train the mind, train the spirit.

Dominate My Sport – Principle One: Train The Body

One essential aspect of our  SPORTS PERFORMANCE TRAINING PROGRAM is our biomechanical, Nutritional Assessments.

We measure limbs, joint range of motion and assess your eating and movement patterns. Just like a car we want to see what’s under the hood that makes it run well.

We identify in each athlete what they physically do well (your strengths) what needs improvement (your weakness) and what’s your genetic capacity (your potential).

For us, sports performance training is not arbitrary, but Sports Specific Training for your sport, your body type, and the position you play. Lebron James and Tom Brady have personal trainers/specialist and a team surrounding them who know their body.

They worked through their weaknesses and maximize strengths. That is what we do to help athletes dominate their sport. 

At Dominate My Sport we take a comprehensive approach to sports performance training to help athletes conditioning their bodies to perform their best and not the best of some else.

Each person is created and designed uniquely by God  (Genesis 1:26-27, Psalms 139:14, Ephesians 2:10, Colossians 1:15-19) and our training program reflects that uniqueness for every athlete.

Sports Performance Training Tips From Coach JP

Did you know that your muscles have a memory? When training the body it is so important that your technique is correct. The way you prepare. . .the way your practice; that’s the way you’ll play.  Take the time to go slow at first and focus on the technique. Doing things the right way might feel slow at first. Don’t give up on doing it right! Speed and strength will come. And the right technique will keep you on the field and away from injuries.

Dominate My Sport – Principle Two: Train the Mind

As SPORTS PERFORMANCE COACHES, we teach a holistic strategy to winning.

In our SPORTS PERFORMANCE TRAINING, we educate the athlete to understand that the thoughts we think, shape how we feel and what we believe as truth, and what we believe influences our actions.

Simply put Garbage in Garbage out. ( Proverbs 4:23, Matthew 15:18-19, Proverbs 23:7)

Humans are created and designed uniquely with the ability to reason, think, and feel and interpret emotions, build tall buildings, play and create beautiful music and poetry.

Jesus said out of the abundance of the heart (Mind) the mouth speaks (Matthew 15:19), Jesus makes a direct correlation between what we think about and what we say determines our true character and motives ( Matthew 12:35). 

We teach the athlete that our minds are a gift from God and that He designed our minds to function in a specific way in accordance to the purposes of God ( Psalms 139:14-16,  Philippians 4:8, Psalms 100:3, Psalms 119:73). We acknowledge that we have been given by God the capacity to think of good and beautiful things that are true and honorable to God and how we use our minds to think of ways to become better athletes and serve others.

Sports Performance Training Tips From Coach JP

Preparation produces confidence. When you know you have diligently studied for a test you don’t become dominated by doubt because you know you put above and beyond the necessary effort, it takes to pass the test. SPORTS PERFORMANCE TRAINING is no different. Wars and not won by accident but are strategically designed to dominate the enemy and your training be strategically designed.

Dominate My Sport – Principle Three: Train the Spirit

Our SPORTS PERFORMANCE TRAINING PROGRAM also focuses on helping each athlete to develop meaning and purpose while on the sports performance platform. You have a soul.

  • Help the athlete understand that they are created and designed with a specific purpose by God Himself and that we were all given a Spirit of Life  ( soul, personality, and will) (Genesis 2:7).
  • We then define our terms of what we mean by Spirit based on the word of God (The Bible).
  • We believe that after death there is Judgement ( Hebrews 9:27-28, Acts 17:24-31)  and that whatever you believe about where you go when you die will determine how you will live.
  • This will govern the choices you make daily such as your priorities, opportunities, how and why you train, how you treat other athletes, coaches, and officials.
  • We all worship something or someone. The question is what?
  • If you believe your identity is based on your performance, then you will tend to worship your abilities, a championship, or praise from fans and commentators.


There are many who neglect this aspect of training only to settle for the temporary success and fame of the moment. In our program, you will be encouraged to explore the purpose of sports performance in God’s eyes and not become defined by it.

Sports Performance Training Tips From Coach JP

Did you know that God wants you to have good things? He wants what is good for you! Having an active prayer life, just means you are talking to God. Prayer is a conversation with God. . and it is a two-way street.  When taking something to God in prayer, He always listens. And in return, He gives you peace.  If you find yourself being distracted on the field, talk to God about it. Get peace in your spiritual life and watch how it ties in with your body and mind!

Final Thought From Coach JP - The Importance Of Making Good Habits

Our SPORTS SPECIFIC PROGRAM  requires you to train the way you want to perform, “Practice make permanent!” not perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.


After you have prepared and practice is time to apply it. As your SPORTS PERFORMANCE COACH we will help you dominate the competition regardless of the sport or position you play, Avoid common injuries, Stay Healthy All season, Fully recover from past injuries, BE PREPARED for every practice and every training camp

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